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A buzzing alarm clock and harsh light can make mornings even harder than they already are. How you wake up can impact your entire day, affecting energy levels and your productivity. In fact, waking up to a sound like an alarm can actually put you at greater risk for heart problems. However, the experience of waking up with timed lighting can have the reverse effect of actually improving your day. But aside from curtains, how can you improve your waking experience?

Enter smart light bulbs: a way to start your morning the optimal way for your body. A great thing about smart light bulbs is that you won't have to spend money on alarms and special lamps to get a multi-function way to wake up; just one light bulb can make your day infinitely better.


Smart light
How you wake up can impact your entire day.

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

When you sleep in on the weekends, you probably feel better when you wake up than you do during the work week mornings. This is because you're allowing the body to get all the sleep it wants, and you tend to wake up more leisurely. Rather than rushing out of the bed at the sound of the alarm, you're allowing your body to slowly adjust to the change from sleeping to being awake, which is far less of a shock to the system. Waking up to alarm sounds can increase blood pressure and heart rate, which is not the way you want to start your day.

How Light Can Help

In ancient times, humans woke with the sunrise. Rather than being blasted with the bedside lamps and overhead lights of today, they were slowly exposed to light that gradually brightened to full daylight. Numerous studies have been done that show just how beneficial waking with sunlight can be for stress levels, happiness, and energy throughout the day.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of eastern exposure or the ability to time their waking with the sunrise. Luckily, modern technologies have allowed for smart light bulbs to accomplish just that. Using timed settings that mimic the gradual rising of sunlight, just a single bulb can help you gain the benefits of waking with light.

Smart light
Smart light bulbs bring the dawn into your bedroom.

One Bulb, Lots of Benefit

The days of forgetting to set the alarm the night before an important meeting are gone, and your smart light bulb guarantees that by remembering your settings. You can actually make your wakeups more reliable than the sunrise, given you won't be affected by weather conditions!

The great thing about the application that controls the smart light bulbs is that it's not just limited to controlling one at a time. With the ability to set up to five bulbs to your settings, you can truly simulate the sun, no matter where you are.

A smart light bulb lets you gain the benefits of waking with light, without breaking your budget. You'll never again have to worry about jolting awake to a shrill alarm, and you'll feel better throughout the day, every day. Shop the SmartFX store and start your mornings off right.