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Valentine's Day is here, and you forgot to get a present. Don't bother with trying to get reservations at your favorite restaurant, and instead, get creative; you can easily create a romantic atmosphere all within the comfort of your own home. Pro tip: the right lighting is key. Follow these five easy steps to set the perfect mood for love this Valentine's Day.


Valentines Day
The right lighting will encourage romance, no matter where you are.

1. Keep The Lights Low

Bright lights do not make for a romantic setting. Dimmers are ideal for getting the lighting right since you can easily adjust levels depending on what you're doing; you want to have enough light to see your food while eating, but the lights can get lower when you're cozying up on the couch. Don't have dimmers installed? Smart light bulbs allow you to change brightness levels without requiring an electrician, and you won't even need to get up to dim the lights.
2. Make The Room Warm

The temperature of your lighting is just as important as the air temperature of your environment. Warm colors like reds and oranges can capture the perfect light at sunset, and will help both your complexion and your furniture look its best. When buying light bulbs, stay away from those that mention white and blue light, or consider going for smart light bulbs that allow you to access a range of different colors on demand.

Valentines Day
Use red tones to evoke feelings of warmth and love.

3. Sync Lighting and Music

To really impress your date try synching your lighting with your music. To do so, you're going to have to enlist the help of a smart light bulb and your favorite playlist; the app will do the rest. Your music will encourage a romantic mood while your lighting enhances it, and you won't have to do anything except focus on your date.

4. Use Contrast to Heighten Drama

Change the lighting in different areas of the room to emphasize the contrast between light and dark. Keep in mind that you're not performing on a stage, so try and avoid a "spotlight" effect by spreading out your light sources; if you're sitting at a table, you obviously want enough light to see, but not so much that the rest of the room is opaquely shadowed. If you can, dim light to different levels of highs and lows to make for the smoothest contrasts.

Valentines Day
Contrasting levels of light bring dramatic Instagram filters to life.

5. Highlight Special Areas

An excellent way to make sure you get the right amount of light with balanced contrast is to use LED strips to highlight specific areas of importance in a room. While you won't be able to rely on them as your primary lighting source, strategically placed strips can provide ambient lighting to enhance the romantic atmosphere. Remember to look for warmer colors when setting the scene for romance, and keep things dim for subtle effects.
One of the easiest ways to take care of all of these romance-enhancing lighting tips is to use smart light bulbs that allow you to change the brightness and color of your lights, all from a handheld app. Shop the SmartFX store today and get the right lighting to make every day as romantic as Valentine's Day.