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Lighting can do so much when it comes to setting our mood. From glorious sunsets to candlelit moments, light sets the scene and influences us emotionally. Humans have a bond with light that goes back before we learned how to illuminate the night. Now we can duplicate the wonder of natural light and even add to it with smart lighting.

Almost limitless options across the visible spectrum

What if you could dial up your own shades of light and set them up to change on a whim? Your options are as big as your imagination, able to change intensity to match your desires. A smart bulb that is enabled with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and pairs with a downloadable app can take your lighting from utilitarian to amazing. Consider some of the possibilities this kind of transformative lighting can bring.

  • The perfect dinner setting. You've put together a great meal and invited over a special someone, and now it's time to set the mood. Simply swipe your finger over your smartphone screen and control the color wheel to get exactly the right tones. Keep the phone nearby for when it's time to turn down the lights.
  • Pregame fun. Having some friends over to watch the big game? You can set the light to a high-energy feel while everyone is getting ready, then turn it down some when the game starts. Of course, you can do the same with movie night, too.
  • Party time. Keep the excitement going by setting your light to "disco mode," which makes the light change with the music to give your pad a club feel.
  • Relaxing at home. Maybe the only plans you have are to kick back on your couch and watch some TV. Why not light your room to fit your mood? You'll discover that certain colors can enhance what you are seeing on the screen.

More than just a novelty

The SmartFx bulb will quickly become an essential part of your home environment. You'll discover you might have a favorite shade for breakfast, another for mid-morning, and so on. The best part is, the LED bulb is equivalent to a 60-watt standard but uses only about 10% of the energy.