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First go to Itunes or Google Play depending on your phones platform and search "Smfx"

Once the app is downloaded make sure your Smfx Smart Bulb is screwed into any Edison socket you chose, make sure your phones bluetooth is on and then open your app.  From her you will something similar to the below image.

Awesome your phone is sensing your Smart Bulb, from here lets first rename our bulb, hold down on the listed bulb for the Rename screen to slide up, as seen below.

Click rename, and type what you would like to call your Smfx Smart Bulb, for example purposes I will be naming mine "Living Room" Once named we will add a group, this is usually most beneficial when you have multiple smart bulbs in each room because you can control each group separately, below you will see on the bottom right "Add Group" and then you can proceed to name it.

From there to add the smart bulb listed to the group we created just hold down on the bulb and press add to group.

Then you will see a screen like below to confirm the addition.

Now from there to have full control over your Smfx Smart Bulb, click on the listed below to see a screen like below. 

Inside here is where you can control color, brightness, the different functions and even sync your smart bulb with music.