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"Whatever you want, honey."

"My wife takes care of that."

Go back a few decades, and this is likely what you would have heard had you asked the average man what they prefer when it comes to home lighting design. Flash forward to today, and things look quite different.

In today's wired culture, technological advances have made it so that nearly every aspect of life - from your health to your heating - can be controlled by a smartphone or smart device. When transforming a room into a disco can be done with a finger, it's no wonder that both men and women are becoming more involved than ever with home lighting design.

Men are taking more of an interest in designing their spaces.

1. Adaptable Options Make Lighting Easy To Change

Here's the deal: it's not that men didn't care about their home's interior design in the past, it's just that they didn't care enough to make changes unless they had to. Fixtures were fine until they broke, and maintenance meant buying a light bulb when they blew. If you wanted to make a bigger change, it meant going to the store, hiring an electrician, installing it, or more.

Enter today's smart bulb technology. Both men and women can go online, purchase a bulb, have it arrive at their house, and are ready to go with transformative effects in their space. When changing the colors and mood in your home is as easy as pressing a button, it's no wonder that men have taken a greater interest than ever in home lighting.

2. Personalizing the Man Space Got Men Involved With Design

The concept of the man cave - a room just for him and his toys - was for many men the first opportunity they had to design their own space, for their own needs. A cursory glance at some of the amazing man cave designs out there shows just how much creativity men are using to make a space their own - and how they are taking advantage of modern smart lighting to do so. Whether using LED strips to highlight a prized trophy for a sports-themed room or to surround a movie poster in a film buff's room, lighting is now one of the chief components of designing the optimal man space.

Modern men are all about lighting.

3. Optimizing Every Digital Activity Is A Must in 2016

TVs are bigger, nearly everyone has a smartphone (or two) in their pockets, and even reading is done on devices, so smart lighting is the perfect compliment to the space in which these activities are done. LED strips used to backlight a computer monitor or TV can help reduce strain on the eyes, and function as design elements when devices are turned off. Both men and women are paying attention to the ways in which they can optimize the experience of using these modern devices, both to preserve their vision and to take full advantage of the digital revolution.

Not to mention, smart lighting brings an element of fun into the home. Start up an impromptu dance party by syncing your lights with your music, or set a romantic mood when hosting a date, without even standing up.

Smart lighting has done wonders to make it easier than ever for people to customize the lighting in their homes, and it's no wonder that more and more men are getting involved in the process. Shop the SmartFX store today to get started with your ugrade.